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Imagine Living Well helps you find the best strategies to meet your healthy living goals. By combining the practices of BodyMind connection with the habits of health transformational system, Imagine Living Well empowers you to explore and discover the best path to reach your highest well-being potential. 

What is BodyMind and Habits of Health Coaching ?

BodyMind Coaching is a combination of bodywork and focused conversations that dive into the wisdom of your body. When the mind and body are connected, you are in powerful space to break through barriers that have been hold you back. 


Reconnect (90 Minutes Session/$85.00)
Connect your body and mind, and learn to listen to what your body is telling you. Understand your body’s 3 brains and become aware of the “language of pain”.

Realign (6 Sessions Pathway $497)
Are you living according to your values or someone else’s? Are you taking care of everyone else and not yourself? Do you look into the mirror and wonder who that person is? If so, it’s time to Realign. This 9 week pathway includes 6 in-person/virtual sessions to help you remember, explore and define your true self.) 

Reimagine (12 Sessions/$1500.00)
Do you feel that life has passed you by? Are you a robot going through the motions? Have you forgotten how to dream? What is your zone of genius? This is “Project: Self”. Begin your next major life transition with the tools and support to help you thrive. Learn BodyMind Connection and techniques, explore your true self, and live the life you’ve dreamed of (and beyond). 

Habits of Health Coaching (12 Weeks +/Varies)
Experience the support of a coach and health-minded community as you journey towards to healthiest self and best life. Healthy living, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy sleep, healthy weight, healthy hydration, healthy motion. It’s all possible with the Habits of Health. 


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